Clean seas


Brim[1] Scientific research shows quite clearly that the Icelandic fishing grounds are virtually free from pollution and that Icelandic seafood is wholesome and nutritious. This is due to the country's remoteness from industrial nations, its small population and occupational structure.

Iceland is volcanic in nature and situated on the mid-Atlantic ridge. It is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean and bordering on the Arctic and temperate areas as defined by oceanographic and climatic criteria. Iceland is also surrounded by strong atmospheric and oceanic currents which have a fundamental influence on its marine environment. A close watch on the whole area is therefore important for safeguarding the cleanliness of Icelandic waters and, consequently, the wholesomeness of Icelandic seafood products.

Monitoring of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic environment is under the auspices of international programmes and Icelandic seafood is also studied extensively by Icelandic scientists.